Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Even More Aprons...

Are you sick of seeing them yet? I always thought it funny how aprons have become such a trendy item in the crafting world. But I guess I understand now. They're easy to make, with the potential for much creativity and variation. And so here's a couple more. And no, for once I did NOT buy more fabric. I was a good girl and shopped my own fabric stash. (But they did take three packages of bias tape each.)

You might recognize some of the fabric from Ally's Apron

Not so practical, I suppose, with the lack of pockets... but frilly and cute, and a bit retro.


  1. You nail the reasons for their popularity -- ease and variety. Personally, I find aprons delightful and am honored to have a special one of my own. These new ones are beautiful.

  2. These really are adorable! My sister in law teaches home ec and the kids sew an apron as their first sewing project. Seeing aprons like yours would inspire them to sew amazing little works of art!