Friday, March 14, 2014

Flannel Sheet Sale + Burda 7198 = Pajam Win!

Boscov's has their flannel sheets on sale around Christmas time every year, and while it's not all the useful for getting a set for your bed (they're sold in separates... and it's difficult to track down coordinating prints in a fitted and flat in the same size), they are a cheap source of flannel fabric. I really liked this cardinal print... bar the candy canes which makes it sort of seasonal specific 'Christmas' instead of 'Winter'. 

I used Burda 7198, the longer length, and narrow-hemmed instead of the larger allotted hem (1 1/4" I think it was) so it was more nightgown than top/tunic. You can't see it very well, but there's a henley style placket and neckline. The back is a little weird, especially for using a patterned fabric instead of a solid, being pieced (seam down the middle, even though the piece edge is not contoured so it's not for fit) with a horizontal dart at about the under bust line. I'm not really sure what this odd dart is supposed to accomplish... And neither the center back seam or the horizontal back dart are shown in the garment front/back view sketches... weird.

The fit looks nice, but it's a little tight in the upper-back/bust. Guess I should've upped the size for comfort. Appears to run true to the measurements given on the pattern pieces themselves. The flannel itself is a little stiffer than flannel designed to make garments, so once it's worn in, it will probably be more cozy.

And I do have a decent amount of the sheet fabric left...

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  1. Flannel feels nice and this print is attractive. I always wondered why fabric is one price for one product and a different price for a different product. It's the same material.