Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Swimwear & 'Cover Up'

Not sure, why, but wanted some swimwear, primarily to wear in the summer beneath this 'cover up'. Honestly, the blue eyelet tunic-thing is among my repertoire of 'around the house' dresses, and I just where it over my underwear. But that's not 'out in the world' appropriate, for obvious reasons, so some little spandex shorts seemed like a good idea... and why not just go that one extra step, make a bikini/brief bottom lining out of leftover nude swimwear fabric, and it functions as swimsuit bottoms, too. The top was an experiment with the new Simplicity pattern... but I should've just went with my own design for a retro halter-ish top. The straps were too long, even thought I fusible interfaced the spandex to prevent stretching, and the shape isn't conducive to larger cup sizes, in my opinion (breasts sitting awkwardly/uncomfortably low).

This tunic (I think that's actually the most appropriate term) is made from blue cotton eyelet I got on sale, using Butterick 4685, only extending the length to mid-thigh. And since my elastic was MIA (ended up ordering more... possibly because I used it all and didn't remember), it has button holes in the center front and drawstrings out of ribbon instead. Trimmed with a strip of floral lace.


 Top is Simplicity 1426, only cut smaller in certain places to allow for stretch of spandex material. This is variation B, only with the straps pinned together at the nape of the neck, since they were too long. Bottoms are loosely based on my new favourite pant pattern Butterick 5895, a high-waisted retro pant, again cut differently to compensate for stretchy fabric.

Do any of you other seamstress or fashion bloggers ever get a weird picture when you're setting your camera timer up to take about a hundred shots just to get one that perfectly captures your outfit? Or is it just me who is so incredibly unphotogenic that it takes fifty to a hundred photos to get just a few good ones? Anyway, here's one for you...

I look like a body-builder woman. The camera must have captured the exact moment all my muscles were tensed, for some reason. It's a little creepy and mannish, is it not? Consider the contrast with how soft and sort of pudgy I look in the previous photo. Goes to show that photos only capture a person in a single instant of time, not the whole of them.


  1. Wow, I never dared to sew swimwear! Yours look very cute, you don't really need that coverup!

  2. I admire your creative talent as much as your aesthetic taste. Both are so advanced. The suit is amazing.

    And don't tell me about photographs! I take 80-100 for each outfit-post and am lucky to find 4-5 that look good. Most make me look like an awkward elephant. Trying to find grace, poise and femininity is a big struggle for me. You've got an edge -- you're exceptionally cute and very natural-looking.