Thursday, January 15, 2015

Go Ask Alice: A Wonderland Quilt

My friend got me some cute Kawaii Alice in Wonderland fabric for my birthday a... couple (?) years ago... 

Anyway, I had acquired some coordinating fabrics, and started working on this quilt... over a year ago. I had the top all pieced, sandwiched the quilt and started quilting it, but became extremely frustrated by lack of cooperation with sewing machine/quilt, etc... the stitching wasn't falling completely 'in the ditch' (for those not familiar with quilting parlance, this refers to stitching along the seam lines, so that the stitches actually sink into the seam/disappear). For some odd reason, I think because the way they had you press the seams versus how (the pattern) I chose to quilt it, it was frustratingly difficult to get the stitching to lie in the ditch.

So, I walked away (aka folded it up and set it aside) for a year. Finally pulled it out and finished it up!

Does anyone have any recommendations for taking photos of quilts? I can't ever seem to get good ones to show the entire top of the quilt. I've tried hanging them on clotheslines (but the wind blows them around or I can't get a good angle). I've also tried just laying them out on the floor and taking an overhead shot, but again I can't seem to get a straight-on angle, and then it looks all wonky, even when it's actually nicely square. I also have major lighting issues with a wide shot of this quilt. The close-ups seemed fine, though.


  1. So cute. I admire your talent. Never tried to photograph a quilt so can't help you there. Big hug!

  2. That is THE MOST ADORABLE quilt I have ever seen! I love how vintage-y the art looks, also the slightly... dare I say... creepy? vibe of the fabrics. So awesome! Kudos! Quilt sewing is HARD!

  3. You did a wonderful job ... I love the black and red border with the pink and blue interior!

    I have never even tried to make a quilt before, let alone photograph the results. :)

  4. I love the design of the quilt and the fabrics are really cool! And you did a matching backside which is something I don't see that often... <3

    1. In my mother's school of quilting, the backing always has to coordinate with the quilt top ;-)