Monday, January 5, 2015


Well, the start of this year has some changes for me. I left my job, for various reasons, including 1.) it had become an unpleasant place to work and 2.) although my hands/arms are a thousand times better, my right arm is NOT back to normal, and probably never will be. So continuing to do the work that damaged my arm in the first place isn't probably wise.

I have resumed sewing, a little bit at a time, which makes me happy. 

My friends had an awesome New Years' Party, of the 'Masquerade' variety. So I threw a Raven costume together for that, mostly from pieces I already had, but ordered some wings and a feather wig, too. Altered a cheap mask. Made a tulle tutu style skirt. Done.


  1. Happy New Year, Aimee! I'm glad you stopped hurting yourself at work. Our bodies are vital to maintain. Your costume is superb.

  2. Happy new year! If the party was half as amazing as your costume, it must have bee great! I keep my fingers crossed that you find another job soon which suits your arm better...