Saturday, July 14, 2018

Dean Winchester 'I Wuv Hugz' Cosplay T-Shirt

Dean Winchester Cosplay T-Shirt
(on etsy)
Okay. So yeah, I'm a giant nerd. And maybe acquiring a heat press and cricut, and with them the ability to easily create t-shirts or etc, was not the best thing to normalize my crafting tastes.

Anyway, this a memorable piece from a specific episode of Supernatural in which badass Dean finds himself reliving memories from his very early childhood, complete with 'I Wuv Hugz' t-shirt. 
Love that he's still got the flannel going, though, as well. 

Dean Winchester, Supernatural 5x16
(While the costuming in this series isn't particularly special, elaborate or stunning, the wardrobe department knows what they're doing, making character appropriate choices and creating subtle yet iconic looks with things as basic as a trench coat-wearing angel or a lovable curmudgeon with a signature dirty trucker's hat.)

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