Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Vintage School Sweatshirt Repro: PHCS Panthers

My friend's birthday was in May. And by 'friend' I mean someone who is basically my sister, that I've known since the age of 7 and attended school with (1st through 12th, not K-12 since she went to kindergarten elsewhere).  Anyway, she very badly wanted one of our old school sweatshirts from the 1990s. So of course, being the wonderful friend I am ;-), I made her one 
(and one for myself while I was at it).

This is actually two classes ('03 & '04) worth of kids; field trip ca '96 or '97
All I had to base the reproduction on was an old picture from a field trip... So maybe the most challenging design so far, trying to get it accurate.

My wonderful classmates & friends :-p
I like the way it turned out. 
The sweatshirt I used is a boat-neck, and I actually like the style quite a bit. It has an extra a '90s feel. 
(Also super soft 'fleece' inside -Bell Canvas brand)

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