Sunday, February 12, 2012

40s Outfit (to go with retro CBC bag)

The skirt and blouse were made using Simplicity 3688 in wool blend houndstooth suiting and dark magenta silkessence (poly faux silk). I should've made a slightly larger size in the blouse, or actually bother to alter it to fit. It's a little tight in the bust and shoulder/back. However, an overall larger size will be too loose in the midriff.

The vest was based on this pattern sketch I found after scouring the internet for 40s style vests. Again, probably should've done a mock-up first instead of just winging it, because it turned out rather tight in the bust. Even with strategic button placement, it requires a pin to prevent gapping between top and second button at bust. Well, live and learn. And maybe not be so lazy... (a tendency I have when making clothing for myself)

1 comment:

  1. I love that outfit! You look both modern and steampunk at the same time- how is THAT possible!? Beautiful job. Still want your bag.