Thursday, February 16, 2012


UP FOR SALE! by Benevolent Bart's Barely-Used Bazaar

Wendigo Pelt Vest

Made from the hide of that rare, much feared creature of the deep Northern Woods, this vest adds that much needed extra layer of warmth.
A rare opportunity!

*Possible side-effects of prolonged use may include insanity, bloodlust and cannibalism

 This is my first attempt at the faux fur pelt vests.  Definitely the look I was going for... More primitive than a structured vest. The sides are left open, belted at the waist to hold it together. I would've done it out of one piece to truly resemble a basic pelt vest, but I wanted the grain.nap of the fur to be proper both front and back, so it's made from three separate pieces; back, two front. Joined at a shoulder seam, lined with brushed cotton plaid for extra warmth ;-) (aka so I could just sew the fur to the lining and turn it to finish). With longer pile faux fur, some of the effect is lost when the strands along the edges get caught in the seam. This is easily enough remedied by combing at the edges with fingertips to free up the fur.

The front panels turned out too narrow for someone my size, but apparently is perfect for a smaller individual (such as my display form demonstrates). I'm going to alter the 'pattern' slightly to make the yeti pelt vest a medium/large...

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