Monday, February 20, 2012


UP FOR SALE! by Benevolent Bart's Barely-Used Bazaar


Hooded Waistcoat

 Whether flying through the Aether, or tracking Wendigo through the Northern Woods, intrepid explorers must not suffer the distractions of arctic temperature climes...

This waistcoat smartly follows current trends, mimicking its menswear equivalent with double-breasted front and stylish cut, lending any lady explorer that professional look.


Perfect for Yeti hunting!

 I never really played dress-up as a child, but apparently I'm trying my darnedest to make up for it now... I think my favourite part of making pieces to put in my etsy shop is when I can dress up to take photos of them in action. 

This outfit is composed entirely of my own creations: long john top and bottoms, chemise, corset, dress, waiscoat, spats, fingerless gloves, goggles, altered steampunk gun. Okay, I didn't make the shoes. They were acquired about four years ago for $2 at the thrift shop in brand new condition (best thrift purchase ever!)

Feeling entirely useless today, since a sinus infection is threatening to implode my head. So much for 'Yay! A three-day weekend!' I hate being sick on a day off! However, I completed my Arctic Expedition series, so this month has so far been quite productive. Maybe the rest will be, too?


  1. i love it! what is your etsy shop called?

    1. Thanks! My etsy shop doesn't have a name, it's just under my username, same as for here 'graverobbergirl'