Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sewing Weekend Challenge: Day 1

Whether it was intentional or not, Meg challenged me to have a productive sewing weekend. (Which I am grateful for because I have been such a lazy ass, I cannot even express how bad!)

I may not have started working on things until about 6pm.... my bad... had to run errands this morning and then I almost fell into unconsciousness for a few hours like I normally do on Saturday afternoons (I am an avid napper, apparently). But I stayed strong, forced myself to workout and clean the apartment, had dinner and finally got my butt in gear.


(doesn't really count, I suppose, since it was basically finished already)

I put the finishing touches on a prototype Card Crown that was commissioned by an etsy customer. I feel like the design would be improved by sandwiching the card strips in the band and sewing them in rather than how I sewed them to the exterior. They are wobbly and look crooked, in my opinion. Also, the cards feel funny against the skin, whereas the fabric would be smooth. But I am going to leave it up to customer to decide...


So... I had made this steampunk ensemble a couple years back, the feature piece being the Mrs. Fitzsimmon's Supportive for the Modern Woman. In addition, there was one of my signature bustle skirts in the delightful chocolate brown (with brown and gold stripe) suiting fabric, and an antique gold sleeveless blouse I had drafted based on an 1896 bodice pattern and 1906 blouse pattern. I put it in my etsy shop and it shortly sold. I currently have two requests for custom versions of this ensemble.

Unfortunately, I misplaced my pattern :-/ Also, both requested an alternative to the high collar. So back to the drawing board! Here is the mock up. Instead of being pleated with a standing collar, it's gathered at the neck, as well as at the waist. This size might be a little large for my size 4 (?) skinny ass display form, even after putting a bra and corset on it to give it some curves, but should be great for at least one of the custom orders.

Well, Meg, do I get a pass for the day? :-)

Now back to work with me!

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  1. You're doing better than me! At least your garments are complicated. Mine are one piece dresses and appliques. ^_^ I really want that steampunk outfit.