Monday, August 12, 2013

A Shirt for Mr. Know-It-All

My dad is one one of those people who likes to tell stories and BS others. If you've got a question, he's got an answer (factual or complete hogwash...? Well, that's up to you to determine. But if he's laughing and shaking his head at your gullibility, that might be a clue). He also quite enjoys Rocky & Bullwinkle, which I believe still airs on certain local (or maybe it was the Canadian) stations early in the morning. He watched it when he was little. I watched it when I was little as well (and admittedly still do sometimes on netflix... good ol' netflix.) One of their little sketches is, of course, Bullwinkle Moose providing all the answers to questions you'd never asked in the persona of the 'scholarly' Mr. Know It All.

At any rate, found this fabric online and figured it would make the perfect birthday present.

Pattern: Simplicity 3852 is a super easy pattern that features men's, boy's and a babies' romper all in the same Hawaiian shirt sort of style (back yoke, pleats, collar, short sleeves, button down).

Thank you, Mr. Know It All, for providing me with all the answers to life's questions, or at least showing me how to make it up when I don't have a clue.

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  1. Very cool print! I works perfectly with the shirt style. My personal favourites were Sherman & Mister Peabody, and any episode featuring upsidaisium :)