Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tangled/Rapunzel (Disney Princess) Apron

'Cascading locks of hair'
 Because I'm not the only nerd around, my friend decided to have a Disney Princess themed party, specifically a Tangled one. (I think she just wanted to release sky/flying lanterns.)

Anyway, I decided to make her an apron inspired by Rapunzel's dress, so that if she felt like it, she could be a 'princess' on her birthday.

It's hard to pin down the exact colours, considering almost every reference image I found was slightly different. But I was favouring the more purple/lavender colorings than the really pink ones, and these were the fabrics that best fit out of what I could find at Hobby Lobby (the only store with fabric besides Walmart that I am able to hit on my daily commute to work by bus). I opted for a purple flower calico for the center front panel since I guess Rapunzel's dress has texture there. The bodice does, as well, apparently, but I wanted to keep it simple since I was trimming it out with the ribbon and lace.

This apron is an altered version B of Simplicity's "Vintage '48 & '52 Pattern', 3544. I had to piece the front pieces so that the top part of the apron looked like it was a separate bodice. The trim is obviously different than in the original pattern. I left off the 'sailor' collar and added little pieces meant to emulate the sleeves of Rapunzel's dress (striping them with pink ribbon). The back and ties I did out of yellow broadcloth and then painted to look like hair. I also added scalloped 'embroidery' stitches (one of two that my basic Kennmore machine does) along the bottom and inside panel edges to mimic the designs on Rapunzel's dress.


  1. This apron is amazing!!! And what an awesome party idea.

  2. *sigh* This is the sort of lovely item I wear in my dreams. You're so skilled to be able to make it.

  3. Logically I figure with experience and supplies, project can go much more quickly than the glacial drift velocity at which I do my sewing, but I must ask: do you crank these projects out as quickly as you are posting them? Does your imagination also run that fast? Because I am dumbfounded with admiration. o.o

    1. Thanks! But if you noticed, I hadn't posted for a while, so they sort of built up. I really only average about one or two a week. This sadly does not keep up with my project queue at all. I have ten definite projects at the moment (to complete during the rest of the summer/fall) and about twenty more I have floating around in my head. These include: clothing items for me, painting umbrellas, clothing items/costume pieces for others, my Halloween costume, a new work apron, some jewelry ideas (if my friend and I decide to get a table at a craft fair), quilts, Rockabilly pieces I haven't had time to make...

    2. Ok, what you described sounds much more familiar to me, haha. :D

  4. a total Disney princess! adore!