Friday, January 31, 2014

An Apron for Ally

Ally is a wonderful blogger, stylish and fun, but also very thoughtful and kind. (You should check out her blog. It will lift your spirits with every post you read.) She's left many supportive and intelligent comments on my blog (and many others), proving how good a friend and compassionate a person she is. I thought the perfect way to thank Ally for being the Ally we all know and love was to make her an apron! She loves cooking, bright colors and expressing her femininity... I think she's rocking this apron to its full potential!

And because that's just the sort of considerate person she is, she sent me a couple wonderful mugs in thanks, which much enhance my unfashionably drab work day. (And provide me with ample amounts of tea and hot chocolate...yum!)
My Bulky Winter Work Fashion Statement
(Can you tell I'm wearing a fleece jacket over a full-smock apron, over a cotton-wool jersey hoodie over a t-shirt? And, yes, that mess is what my hair looks like on a daily basis.)

I wasn't thoughtful enough to take a photo of the beautiful mugs, but this one that lives in the embroidery room now is the chic-est thing in the room, including, and especially, me. Maybe I'll remember to get a photo of them both next week for you all to admire.


  1. What a lovely friend you are! And even in your bulky winter wear with fuzzy hair you look every bit as amazing as always!

  2. OMG! I was scrolling through my Bloglovin list and saw... me! And not on my blog! How fun.

    Thank you Aimee for the sweet tribute. You really are wonderful. Enjoy the mugs -- I'm drinking tea out of mine right now!