Wednesday, March 2, 2011

THE VICTORIAN DRESS PROJECT: PART V (Chemise & Drawers Completed)

I sewed up some of the underpinnings for my Victorian costume: Chemise & Drawers.  However, I have not chosen buttons/fasteners yet, so I could only get a photo of the Chemise (with a pin stuck through where the button will go-in the center front yoke).

I considered using the authentic pattern drafts in one of my Victorian pattern collections for the drawers, but from what I could tell, they were the precise same shape as the ones in Simplicity 2890, so it was not worth the time drafting the pieces for the same result.

The fabric I used is a (slightly textured) white-on-white stripe batiste (hence the slip I am wearing under the chemise).


"Look at my cute drawers!"     

Lace trim and tucks

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  1. Well done. You have the correct layering of the drawers over the chemise bottom.