Sunday, March 6, 2011


   I take it back, the Dritz eyelets worked quite well. Just took a deal of time, using tailor's awl, cutting, fray-checking and installing each eyelet.

Next time I'll make a size 12, since this is only moderately-laced and the back is about to meet at the waist. I think the rule of thumb is at least a couple inches even with tight-lacers (which I am not).

I am glad I went with the gusset variation, since my breasts are a bit crushed in this, but hey, it gives you the cleavage (nicely hidden by the chemise). Not to be worn without under layer or over layer, for certain. 

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  1. this is beautiful! making a corset sounds so DIFFICULT. maybe i'm easily intimidated, but you are awesome!

    and as a comment on your profile info...i have a degree in psychology and i want to start a course in fashion design :x

    i'm following you now!