Thursday, March 3, 2011


Like the reviews of this pattern (Butterick 4254) had warned, it seemed a bit short in the torso (generally not a clothing issue I have, being of short to average height). Anyway, when compared to the simpler corset I had made before (which I like the length of), indeed it needed to be lengthened. I acquired a longer busk to accommodate this alteration in the beginning.  (SIDE NOTE: WHY COULDN'T I FIND A BUSK WITH ANYTHING BESIDES 'SILVER' STUDS & HOOKS?!!! MY GROMMETS ARE BRASS! THIS IS GOING TO BE ROUGH, BUT SINCE BUDGETARY ISSUES ARE NOW A CONCERN, I'M GOING TO HAVE TO LIVE WITH THE CLASHING HARDWARE)
Cut along mark on mock-up where I wanted to extend corset length

Redrafted pieces, lengthening necessary amount (1 1/2")

Corset status at end of day: lining and shell (pictured above) complete, yet to be put together

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