Sunday, March 6, 2011


Not only are their notions tremendously overpriced, but their selection is minimal, and their Dritz products align with no other tools or grommet/eyelet standards known to man.  They only had silver eyelets in a size supposedly the same as a #0 (1/4"), so I thought it was worth a try ($8 later). But of course, they don't work with a non-dritz size #0 (1/4) tool.

Needless, to say, if I want silver grommets, I'm going to have to order some (which I cannot find in the narrower flange width!!!) and my corset will sit unfinished, along with a bajillion other projects... *Addendum: I can place them with a small setter I have and hammer... this should be fun. And the downstairs neighbors are already complainers about the sewing machine running...*

I also bailed on using the lining fabric for the trim on my Alice Coat, since it was twisting and puckering like mad! Thusly, I decided a prepackaged blanket binding would be excellent, since it has more stretch/give and can smoothly round the corners on the lapel). However, there was no blanket binding in any color remotely close to what I need... no burgundy, maroon, wine, shades/tints of pink (like my lining fabric)...FAIL There was some regular double-fold 7/8" bias tape in Wine however, so I'll give it a go. I'm afraid it's just not going to lay flat like I want it to around the turns in the lapel... I'll have to just put a joint in, I guess (like I tried to do with the lining bias trim that was just an all around fail.

Brocades for Madame Chan Custom Order
Successfully, I did acquire the fabric for the custom order Madame Chan Jacket and thusly saved on the shipping...and got use a couple coupons. The first two were selected options... I saw the black-on-black medallion brocade, and thought it would be a brilliant accent if the customer decides to go with red as the main body of the jacket.

And I finally sucked it up and bought a bolt of muslin for mock-ups... now I have no excuse not to start drafting my Victorian dress.

Buttons were also acquired for my raincoat. :-)
 This is the fabric I had ordered (fancy laminated stuff).

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