Sunday, February 27, 2011

Alice Coat Pt.III

Finally worked on this project a bit more... Realized there is a ton of hand sewing that needs to be done, so I decided to get it to that point and leave it for my commute by bus and work on other projects. Plus, I only bought two of the large buttons I liked, and after making the tab for the back, decided it requires equally large buttons... so hopefully I can find more of the same ones next time I go to Jo-Ann's. I found the manufacturers website, but you can only place large orders through them (so I may have to use something else entirely...which makes me a bit sad because they are pretty cool).
Unfinished binding/trim. Also lining needs to be tacked to coat, cuffs finished, tab and buttons sewn on, buttonholes. Question is whether to machine stitch buttonholes or hand-bind them to match.

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