Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Resin Jewelry... (probably the last for a long while for me)

The point of playing with resin jewelry was to make these presents for my friend (only about a month late)... I forgot to take the photos, so they are courtesy of her. (thanks!) This was the second attempt. The first I tried to do in two batches of resin, and added the gears at the wrong juncture, so they settled out not where I placed them. I smartened up the second time around, and it took several batches. Although I still failed with the bubbles forming when I added the images/clippings. Oddly, the thinnner, postage stamps I used turned out great. I read somewhere that they require modge-podging so the colours won't run (which makes sense with ink-jet printed images), but stamps al fresco were brilliant. The glossy, thicker paper I used for the Tesla portraits wasn't as pliable, which I think was the cause of the bubbles when it tried to shift/pop out of the resin mold. Well, enough excuses. This, I think is just not one of my talents.

Nikola Tesla (heehee, the position of the image made is ear all warped and big)

Sanctuary's Nikola Tesla


  1. Ah! These are fabulous! I love both the real Nikola Tesla and the Sanctuary Tesla! <3 I am very envious of your friend for receiving these. I know you said these were made for your friend as a gift, but may I ask: do you sell these? And if so how much would it cost to buy one?
    Cause these are great!!

  2. Abbey- Thanks for the compliment!

    I'm afraid that it would be unethical of me to sell pieces using imagery that was not mine, however. Sorry.

    I am rather busy at the moment, bu if you are an craftperson/artisan, we might be able to do a trade or swap sometime? (email me if you'd like)