Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lavender Wool Dress & Spring Green Leggings

So I can look like I'm celebrating Spring without freezing to death (since we just got another foot of snow)... (Simplicity Amazing Fit 2404 in fully interfaced coat weight Lavender Wool )

I used a double-knit jersey for the leggings (McCall's 6173), but they were baggy in the knee peeve for leggings. The best thing would probably just to use a full spandex and make them at least a half-size smaller. Instead, I adjusted them several times. After the first time, the baggy-ness in the knees was greatly reduced, but there were bubbles/puckering. So I made a second adjustment and said that's all the time I'm wasting on these! They're not so bad and they serve their function.

The top is from a New Look or So Easy pattern... can't remember which at the moment. Just a basic t-shirt. Only it has a center back seam which at first seemed really strange. However, it gives it a bit more shape to the fit, so that's good, I guess.

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