Friday, February 11, 2011

Plaid Wool Dress

This wool was good for 'jackets, coats, ponchos...' but I said, that's what I want for a dress. A nice, warm dress (fully lined/interfaced with tricot). I used SIMPLICITY  2648-an amazing fit pattern. The fit wasn't so amazing, partially because I sacrificed actual fit for baggy comfort and to fit umpteen bazillion layers underneath for the whole walking over a mile to the bus stop each way (and waiting in the open for the bus several times a day up to half an hour). I have to say, I never realized dresses weren't fitting me correctly in the bust. I now know that dressed should lie smooth and flat over the bust, instead of squishing everything up, wrinkling and puckering, etc. (Believe it or not, this is a 'D cup variation'- just works that well!)

My mild OCD gave me a hell of a time cutting this out, but I think it paid off. The skirt front is actually  three pieces, the bodice a centerfront and side front pieces. The back aligns pretty well, too (sorry no pic) Pattern calls for 1 3/4 yd of 60". I got 2 1/2 and used nearly all of it. There was probably about 3/8yd left (not cut into at all). I think the large width/repeat of the print took up more (fussy cutting the pieces) than it would for a tighter plaid.

Being basically a sold colour fabric (but with a cool texture), my other wool dress should be a piece of cake compared to this, right?

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  1. This piece looks great and the panels lined up amazingly! Way to be patient because I would have given up trying to make the print line up :)