Sunday, February 6, 2011

Overall Status Update

Several projects have cropped up, as well as numerous fancies of imagination. Hence, at this time, I think a brief reassessment of current goals needs to be done.

Goals for February
  • gift for baby shower (specifics to be revealed afterward-just in cases, not that I have that many followers of this blog)
  • Alice Coat (not so pressing, but since I have acquired fabric-and it thankfully matches...)
  • Wool dresses (so very cold waiting for buses this time of year, and yet so very sick of wearing jeans with thermals every single day!!)
  • Leggings? Wool dresses on their own will not keep me warm. And unfortunately, I only have brown leggings in full length (stupid cropped legging fad). Thus, I'm already preemptively desiring to make leggings (plus I have a pattern and serger... just begs to be experimented with!)
Don't want to overdo it/pressure myself with being sick (stupid debilitating cold/flu thing), so I think I'll leave it at that. I may also work on my Victorian underpinnings/corset since I have all the materials now on hand...

Further Ideas/Goals: (to be completed in Spring?)
  • Trench/Raincoat?
  • Decorate rainboots & umbrella (gear my poor umbrella I lost)
  • Tinkerer's Frock Coat v.2
  • Stripey Waistcoat
  • Wedding present
  • 50s Cherry Dress & matching handbag
  • Rockabilly Dress (about two rows of stitching from being completed)
  • Rockabilly Jacket (was to match dress...)

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