Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Elder, I asked, how did you know it was going to be a heavy winter? Simple, he said, Joey. White man pile wood high."

(Father's Day Present)

So, if you get the reference, you automatically win 1,000 points in my book ;-) If not, you probably 1. Are not Canadian, or 2. Did not live on the border and enjoy their television programs... Which, I suppose is forgivable... maybe. Anyway, the character of Joe Crow is a persona of Cathy Jones from This Hour Has 22 Minutes, the 'nature correspondent' for the fake news/sketch comedy. My dad likes to quote the character as well as make up 'Mohawk' sayings.

 Creating Stencil Image:
Base Image
Stencil Image
Painting stencil
After removing stencil, before finishing

Back detail '22 Minutes' logo

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