Sunday, June 26, 2011

Steampunk Cowgirl

Costume for my friend/roommate. 
(Since she has a bit of a thing for cowboys, I figured it was a good steampunk persona for her.)

I made: The goggles (an old pair of mine). The blouse (simplicity 4077) in some really nice tone-on-tone white stripe calico I got for $1.50/yd (WOO!). The waistcinch (original design) out of my dwindling supply of my favourite chocolate poly suiting with gold stripe. The bloomers (altered/lengthened version of collette minibloomers) in brown cotton 'lonestar' fabric. And The gunbelts in this awesome heavy chocolate 'suiting' (but it's almost a duck) that I am, too, running low on (love it because you never need interfacing for making belts and straps out of it).

Action shots to come (in a couple weeks when we have STEAMPUNK CROQUET!) Still have to repaint the (squirt) guns. The blue is pretty nifty, but doesn't really work with the theme. They need to be copper/brass in colour, I do believe...

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