Friday, June 10, 2011

Getting There...

Can you tell I can't resist playing dress up as I go? I mean, fitting and determining drape requires me to try it on ;-)
SO EXCITED ABOUT THESE BOOTS! They are brilliant! I was certain the whole time after ordering them until I received them that I would have to send them back and find alternate footwear. Normally, I get a size 8 (because my feet are wide), but these have the option of wide width, woo! So I thought to try a size 7.5, but they were on back order. Thus in a lapse of sanity I said 'let's try the 7s' and ordered them. I was super surprised and pleased that they not only fit, but are awesomely comfy. I wore them around the apartment for several hours just to be certain (and yes, I was in my nightgown at the time... yay for me and high fashionability -a neighbor may or may not have been, very nicely, trying to return my driver's license which had fallen out of my wallet when I unlocked the door on my way in, and I had to be rude and only crack the door so they wouldn't catch me in my tigger cotton jersey nightgown with calf-high leather victorian boots. good times.) What was I saying? Oh, yeah. great boots. And they smell so good, leather instead of that nasty plastic chemically pleather crap. Sorry, cow, you had to die, but I really like my boots.


  1. Uhm yeah that's because they are FREAKIN hot. Beautiful skirt!! I'm super jealous.

  2. The skirt is definitely amazing. What brand are the boots? They look so good!

  3. The boots were the ones I was pining for here:

    They're 'Array' brand. The only thing that would make them better would be if the soles were wooden/traditional materials and if they were made in the US... but that's way out of my price range. I'll settle for the authentic Louis heel and real leather. :-)