Sunday, June 26, 2011

JACK THE RAVEN: Steampunk Edition

THE STORY OF JACK: So, ravens are my favourite birds. There is a 'conspiracy' of them that live up the hill from parents house. They're smarter, larger and have a slightly different shaped beak than their crow relatives. They also have a wider range of vocalizations (I have heard them make noises from that of crow calls to what sounds like wild monkeys to human baby cries). Seeing them always lifted my day (fittingly enough, I believe their nest to be somewhere near the very small, about a dozen graves, cemetery up the hill, since that's where I would always see them). I've always wanted (and still do) a pet raven.

Jack, pre-injury
At any rate, after Halloween is one of my favourite sale times... candy being a major contributing factor. At the fabric/craft stores, however, this is when their fall decor goes on sale. I got 'Jack' (named partly because of my obsession with the name and the fact that's the name of the raven in 'It's A Wonderful Life', who was the pet of the director) for over 50% off and while he's smaller than a real life raven, he is not a crow. The lady who cashed me out knows the man who made their fall decor pieces (including Jack), and he shares the whole raven-obsession thing. And thus, I came to own my very own (albeit fake) pet raven.

Halloween a few years ago, I was a steampunk pirate. Jack, came along, which probably wasn't wise, for he lost a few feathers and an eye in the proceedings... He is now made whole and better than ever with a new prosthetic eye with extra zoom and etc. (actually made from sculpey. He also sports a couple real raven feathers now (yes, I am a woodsy scavenger who may have perhaps come across a raven carcass...), transplated to cover his bald spot.


And since I was already playing with polymer clay and I've had these ammonite fossils hanging around...

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