Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Introducing...Rockabilly Tuesday

Doing a weekly post theme seems like a good way to lend some consistency to life...

As for Rockabilly, it's a style I'm toying with adopting for the summer. Because when I think of a subculture that goes with the season, it's the first that pops into mind (with beach parties, cute retro swimsuits, and classic convertables, etc.).  I am no expert on the style (which will only make this a more exciting journey/learning experience), but don't feel quite like a total 'poser' since I have more than a passing knowledge of 40s and 50s fashions and have stalked Pin Up Girl Clothing for a number of years.  Also, I love me some Johnny Cash, Charlie Feathers, Johnny Burnette and Wanda Jackson. (And have seen more than a few Elvis movies).

For this first 'Rockabilly Tuesday' of the Summer, I happily present...

 Butterick 5896

Prior to buying some nice denim, I wanted to try the fit of the pants in the pattern to see if I liked the style. According to the finished garment measures, my not skinny self requires a size 16. So I cut out a size 16. Too big! I had to take it in over an inch on each side seam. However, this was mostly due to the fact that I opted to use this black (with white stripe) suiting with apparently a pretty good stretch to it. In fact, these pants don't really need the zipper and hook-n-eye that I installed, as they are capable of being pulled on. That being said, however, before you go thinking you can make these to wear like leggings, I'm what's called a 'slim fit' in pants (for patterns anyway) because my hip-waist ratio isn't large. And these pants are quite obviously designed for some wonderfully curvy pin-up gals.

As for the top, I again opted to give their finished garment measurements the benefit of the doubt, and made a size 14. This seems to have worked out mostly well (a little snug in the bust, but hey, I'm used to that). I generally make a size 14 from the major brands of patterns (Simplicity, McCalls, Butterick, etc.) but there is still variation in the sizing/fit by specific designer and style of the garment. It is interesting to note that the last time I actually purchased a garment, I took an 8/10 off-the-rack (and a size 12 in clothing I have dating to the early 1990s). Someone's lying to make us feel better, aren't they?

Back on topic. I think I like this pattern and will give it a go in some denim. Maybe dark denim with a top in this pink plaid I have.

Random note (that nobody really cares about but me): This was the last of what could possibly be my favourite fabric ever, the cotton WWII fighter planes hawaiian print in med blue. And it took some creative piecing together of remnants for the facing to squeeze this out of the remainder of fabric. Now, there really is only scraps left. This cropped top rounds off the project count at 6: Hawaiian Shirt for my dad (Simplicity 3852), Dress for me (New Look 6557-my first and much loved dress pattern), 50s Hawaiian Dress for me (Simplicity 4559 Out-of-Print), Blouse for me (Simplicity 4077 Out-of-Print), Glasses Case (I covered one acquired at the dollar store) for my dad, and now this Rockabilly Top.
ROCKABILLY SONG OF THE WEEK: That Certain Female by Charlie Feathers

COVETED ITEM OF THE WEEK: These Flats! I was considering saddle shoes or converse, since I need flats if I want to Rockabilly up my work day. But now...

ROCKABILLY SLANG OF THE WEEK: D.D.T. (Drop Dead Twice) - Response: What, and look like you?

Well, until next week...(if I can keep this going)... Stay hip!



  1. I like the theme, it's definitely time for more rockabilly. The outfit and hair are really fun!

  2. How did I miss this post? It's so incredible. Oh, yeah, I was offline working too hard this week. Better late than never: the outfit rocks!