Monday, May 6, 2013


(Oh, crap! When did the month turn over?! Well, I obviously was a failure at sticking to my project list last month, so here we go again...)
  • New Steampunk Outfit (continuing from March's start on the Plaid Voile costume)
    • Harness Vest
      • Draft
      • Mock-up?
      • Finished Version
    • Style Wig
    • Hat
      • alter Vogue Pattern V7464
      • Make Hat & Veil
      • Trim with Flowers and cameo
    • Costume Prosthetic for leg
  • Casual Steampunk Dress?
  • Mystery Project (Been neglecting this even though I promised myself I'd work on it consistently last month)
    • Phase I
    • Phase II (about 10% completed)
  • Rockabilly/Retro Swimsuit

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