Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rockabilly Tuesday: Making it up!

So this week seems like a bit of a cop out on the weekly posting to a theme, I know. But I really only have so much free time, and therefore there's no new project this week. But if you keep tuning in, very shortly there will be not only a new project but (hopefully) a tutorial (depending on whether it's worth sharing).

Anyway, this week features... my first attempt with make-up in the Rockabilly/Pin-up style. Normally, all I wear is powder to cut down on the dark circles around my eyes. But in anticipation of Halloween (yes, I'm one of those nerds who is already excited about the holiday even though it's only May) I finally purchased a set of make-up supplies, including a nice brush set, lip pencil, liquid eye liner, red lipstick, and neutral tone eye shadows, and mascara. Prior to this, I had costume make-up (cheap Halloween set as well as a Ben Nye white foundation), a dark purple lip stick, a blush set, a plum eyeshadow set. Oh yeah, big plans for Halloween! It's going to be awesome!

Anyway, for this playtime, I read several different tutorials. Here are links to a few:


The common denominators/key elements seemed to be THE EYELINER and RED LIPS.


FOUNDATION: Consensus seems to be go natural or use as an exact a skin tone match you can find, if you use foundation. Whatever makes you comfortable.
  • My Execution: Concealer for those dark eye circles, powder to even it off. 
EYEBROWS: As far as I can tell, thin-lined and arched. Dark.
  • My Execution: Not a fan of over-plucked/shaped eyebrows, as you can probably tell. I did try to clean up the arch and darken them a little.
EYESHADOW: Most seem to suggest (depending on skin tone) a white or cream over the entirety of the eye, lid all the way to brow. And then bring in neutral tones. Specifics vary, probably due to what looks best for which eye shape/type.
  • My Execution: Cream as the base, Neutral tone lid, slightly darker along the crease. I also employed the whole 'white in the water line' along lower lid to open up ones eyes.
EYELINER: Runs from corner near nose above lash line and beyond outside edge of eye in 'cat' style. Some people do theirs thin, some progressively thicken as they work their way out, and some apply a near theatrical amount (which I am not going to criticize because I associate any make-up usage with dressing up in costume).
  • My Execution: First time using an angle brush and liquid liner, so a little uneven, but I didn't have to start over with eyeshadows.
LASHES: Some people use falsies for this look. Most use mascara for the every day. Many recommend eyelash curlers (which I have not yet succumbed to.)
  • My Execution: First time using mascara. Not sure how I did. But I didn't notice any of the dreaded 'clumping' I hear tell so much about.
RED LIPS: This is obvious if you consider that a woman did not leave the house in the early-to-mid-20th century without lipstick, and neutral tones were not in vogue until the 70s and later. Also look at those gorgeous pin up girls. Red, full lips pouting at the world.
  • My Execution: Okay. I do not have full lips. I actually have rather thin lips. Not sure what the rule is here, but I took the lip pencil (a slightly darker shade than my lipstick) and drew it along the outside edge of my lip line, brought it in to fill in my lips a little and then applied the lipstick over top.
BLUSH: I found conflicting views on the blush. Some say anywhere but the apples of the cheeks. Some say only on the apples of the cheeks. Some say not directly on the cheekbones.
  • My Execution: I just went with what I know and have... cheekbones. Of course, this probably from watching my mother apply her blush. It definitely works for prominent cheekbone faces. But I think it does come off as a little more '80s look than '50s.

Well, how did I do?

Any tips?  

ROCKABILLY SONG OF THE WEEK: I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone by Elvis Presley

COVETED ITEM OF THE WEEK: Lauren Top I know, another from Pin Up Girl Clothing, but I love the cut and style of this top.

ROCKABILLY SLANG OF THE WEEK: Ginchiest (def: coolest!)

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  1. You look beautiful! :-) I love this make-up post and I think it's kind of different from what you usually post (in an awesomely awesome way). I really want the pattern you used for those rockabilly pants, too!

  2. Of course you look lovely! It is very well applied, and you think a lot more than me about applying! (My view is something akin to the cream-pie-in-the-face approach)

    I think you'd look amazing in a shade a red a tad bit more... orange? (I dont know how to explain the color but if you look at any cosmetic wall you'd understand) But whatever you do, Rock It, Gurl!

  3. I deeply admire your makeup here: you succeeded at something I can't do. The makeup achieves the goal of enhancing your appearance without calling attention to itself in any way. Perfectly done.

    And your tips are useful. For example, I too have thin lips and always debate whether to apply lipstick outside their natural lines. Thanks for the info.