Sunday, May 12, 2013

Robot Half-Apron

So while (as my friend would put it) "sweating my tetas off" at work the other day, I decided that a full apron (dinosaur and owl not withstanding) is not the best idea for summer. But having become accustomed to pockets (and having ready scissors of various sizes, pens, thumb drives, and highlighters, tissues, sticks of gum, candies...), I decided I  needed a half-apron.

My mom gave me this awesome set of fat quarters with a robot theme. But not being a quilter, I hadn't used them for anything and they've been sitting around for a couple years. I had to piece them to make them work, and throw in some leftover red star fabric from the Doctor Who Quilt.

But yay! work apron! (Although, the pockets take a little getting used to because they sit lower than on my other aprons.)

PS I  know you're all jealous of my bright fuschia 100% silk blouse obtained from the Free Pile in a cute little thrift store in the Adirondacks!


  1. Amazing blouse. Cute apron. You have such good taste.

  2. The fabrics work so well with each other! And you look cute in the apron,maybe you should do a 50s house wife post as well! ;)