Saturday, July 27, 2013

Janet Weiss Pink Dress Variant (Commission)

[Okay, this time, I promise I'm back to blogging. It is sadly the first thing to go when I get into my exhausted with life moods (and communicating with anyone becomes a trial). ]

On to the fun stuff...!

This was the second project I worked on for the very lovely, fashionably fun Rebecca. She wanted the pink dress Janet wears in the beginning of Rocky Horror Picture Show, as outlined/analyzed by MuffinCupcake, only with a fuller skirt.

The dress is made from light pink poplin and a large gingham print. Bodice is based on a-line dresses from the 1960s with a peter pan collar. The skirt is of the circle variety. The petticoat is a separate piece made out of a circle skirt in a smaller pink gingham print with lots and lots of pink tulle (sewn haphazardly for body). In fact, I had folded the tulle width-wise several times for thicker ruffles when I sewed it to the petticoat base. It ended up too heavy and clumped up the skirt, so I went back through and cut it up to be fluffed more for body and less weight. I was  uncertain about how it would lay, but it looks great on!

Check it out in action here on Rebecca's flickr. Note the wonderful accessories, nice circle buckle (which I couldn't for the life of me find one, but Rebecca did!), and hairclips she made herself!


  1. Gorgeous!

    And as much as I love your blog, I must say, taking time for yourself and spending as much time alone as you need are essential. Your blog (and we!) will still be here when you feel like blogging.

  2. Dammit, Janet; I love you!

    This dress is adorbs. I'd wear it every day. But then I can never find one this lovely in my size. Cute girls aren't ginormous. But fun posts like this let me dream.... ahhh.... Thank you!

    1. Oh, Ally, this is in fact custom made for a cross-dressing friend of mine, who is about a size or two larger than myself (and I am not 'Cute girl' tiny). (Probably because it's so difficult to find cute dresses to fit her, although she always seems quite fashionable in the photos I've seen... like someone else whose blog I love to read.) I'm glad it still looks adorable (and it looks even better on!), despite it's not being a ridiculously small size!