Saturday, July 13, 2013

STEAMPUNK EXPEDITION II: The Search for Sasquatch

Because I'm a geek (at heart and openly), my birthday parties for the last few years have been Steampunk themed. The first year we played croquet for the captaincy of an airship. Last year, I designed a life size board game (Steampunk Expedition), the goal of it being to rescue Nikola Tesla from the clutches of Edison's evil lackeys. This year, I decided to bust out the board game (might as well get more than one use for all my effort), only with a Cryptozoological theme: Sasquatch Hunt.

Because this is a crafting blog, I shall begin with...


Seeing as it's been humid and hot, like we were living in the Deep South (which I have no tolerance for) instead of Upstate New York, I bailed on my original idea of adding a vest to my Purple Voile full dress. Two petticoats, a skirt, a lined bodice, a brocade vest, along with wig and hat was just too uncomfortable to fathom. (Vest will have to wait for fall/winter Steampunk events).  Therefore, I made a new little peasant style dress and tried out McCall's 6770 for a bustle accent. I left the edges raw and tore up the skirt a bit for the 'I was attacked by a Yeti' effect. My character runs 'La Compagnie des Exp√©ditions Cryptozoologiques,' a service providing adventures and expeditions to the Great White North and beyond, specializing in cryptozoological searches and securements.So she aspires to higher society, but still is a little rough around the edges. I also make fully coordinating outfits, because she's of French (Quebec) origins, and esteems fashion taste. The hat is an altered version of Variation C from Vogue 7464 in black on black medallion brocade, trimmed with black lace, a Purple Voile band and bow, trains (is that therm when it's on a hat? Or is it all 'veil'?), a big fake purple flower with a kraken cameo glued to the inside. And yes, I uber cheated with this hat and used hot glue for part of the assembly, because straight out sewing it would take too long. (If you aren't aware, I despise crafting with hot glue. It's messy and unattractive and doesn't hold up as well as sewing methods.)



As all adventurers know, fortifying with a nourishing tea is quite necessary prior to setting out on an expedition...

  • Mini Meat Pies
  • Chai Latte (With or Without Kraken Rum)
  • Dublin Tea
  • Cog Cookies (lookout for a tutorial in the next day or so)
  • Cucumber and Sprout Sandwiches (with Greek Yogurt, Garlic and Fresh Dill from our back porch 'Garden') 
  • Raspberry Dark Chocolate Truffles (turned out not to be the prettiest things, but tasty nonetheless)
  • Cheese Platter
  • Ham Salad Puffs
  • and, of course...

To Your Health, Mademoiselle!


Life Size Board Game! Boo-Yeah!
A Challenge Is Issued
Playing with teacup and saucer still in hand, like A LADY


Caught in the trap: (A Custom Order) Sasquatch from Stuffed Silly, wearing my goggles, because (said with sarcasm) that makes it 'Steampunk' Or should I have just slapped a gear on it? :-P Anyway, super adorable, well made stuffie!
"Shh... I'm sneaking up on rascally sasquatches..."
A Most Successful Hunt (Also, note leg wound from a previous cryptid attack repaired with clockwork)


  1. Everything about this is amazing! O.O

    I am in awe. It's like you combined my very favorite things in the world.

  2. Very cool. I'd give anything to be among your friends.

  3. Aaahhh! I'm squealing with a combination of envy and awe - and I hope you don't mind if I pin your super cool outfit as an inspiration. Your party looks like so much fun and everyone looks so good. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Love it!
    Loving your blog! I just followed you, and hope you'll follow back!