Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rockabilly Tuesday: Rockin' The Bandana (A Hairstyle & Outfit)

Today, we're going to try out styling a bandana the Rockabilly way...


Here are a couple of good tutorials (that you could easily find on google yourself, so what help am I really? But I in general don't have the patience for youtube, especially video tutorials. I prefer written/text/photo ones because I can generally read and absorb the concept much faster than the pace of the videos):

Retro Rockabilly Bandana hair tutorial by Susie Brown

Pin-Up Hair Do - Rosie the Riveter Bandana

 I like the first one, how she had the curls in the back when she puts it up, but she has bangs/fringe and I do not, so styling the front of your hair for the look takes a different technique (more of a pompadour), as in the second one. That being said, however, she has to curl and back-comb/tease her hair for body. Having curly/frizzy hair, I don't need to do this (in fact, I simply clipped my hair back the other day and ended up with a puffy pomp action by the time I got to work). Also,  I cringe whenever I see someone back-comb their hair (this destroys it, my friends!).

 Okay, my approach to the retro homemaker's preferred hair fastening for house cleaning...

I pomped (spell check tells me this is not a word, so I'm coining the term... Pomp: verb. to put one's hair up in the pompadour style. Not to be confused with the noun form, although both have the same root of exaggerated style) my hair in the front. And then, having hair that touches my lower back when wet and straight (much shorter when dry and ringlety), I decided to put it up in 'curls'. But Eff curlers! I decided to practice (since I quite suck at it) making victory curls, and pinned them down on the back of my head. I of course, could not see what the hell I was doing until I looked at these photos. All and all, not too bad... considering I did it blind and can't even pull off a Victory Roll on the front of my head. I took the hairspray to it, but frizziness prevails. Also, beneath the bandana, my really low hairline is clearly visible (I blame the Mediterranean French genes). Oh, and look at the crazy aquiline schnoz, prominent in profile (not sure if I blame the French or Mohawk genetics for that one, but either way I was quite destined for that nose, wasn't I?)

Throw on some capris, tie off a white blouse, slip on those red pumps, check the hair...
How's my hair look?
And we're ready for housework!
Okay, ready for cleaning, then.

ROCKABILLY SONG OF THE WEEK: Fujiyama Mama by Wanda Jackson
ROCKABILLY SLANG OF THE WEEK: (Were' adding a new term into our Rockabilly vocab, one I shall doubtless frequently use.) Pomp-(verb) to put one's hair up in the pompadour style. I pomped my hair and now I'm quite a hip cat.


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Until next time...


  1. Holy cow -- you are so darn cute I'm dying here! This outfit is like a dream of mine. How'd you get in my head?!

  2. Well I like your profile anyway... Have you Seen my nose?

  3. You are so creative/smart + gorgeous. I love everything about this look on you.
    Rock the super-low hairline. I love mine. :D

    And I laughed about your back-combing comment, because the few times I've had my hair done, they always do that! I guess Japanese hair always acts flat-ironed.