Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rockabilly Tuesday: Harlequin Peddle Pants/Capris

Sorry for disappearing of the face of the blog-o-sphere for the past couple of weeks (wow, just looked at my post list, and it's been a month!). With going to the rodeo (in the Adirondacks - weird), camping, high school reunion, barbeques and my intense room mate being on the same schedule (we usually work a staggered schedule), I've been quite busy and exhausted and my 'socialbility' reserves were quite drained (and still need recharging). I hope to catch up on reading my favourite bloggers, soon. 

Projects have also been progressing slowly. So this week, we only have a study of a fun little piece...

1950s Harlequin Capris

They're good enough for Doris Day...

Have inspired a hot look by Pin-Up Girl Clothing...
Pin up Girl Clothing

And someone kept a pair around for over five decades...
Vintage 50s Capris on Etsy
So I think I might need to make me a pair, too. 
(With all my spare time, right? :-/ )

Anyone else tempted?


COVETED ITEM OF THE WEEK: (I haven't even had time to peruse the internet for materialistic endeavours!)
ROCKABILLY SLANG OF THE WEEK:  Fracture - To inspire or move someone.
You are the funniest guy I know. When you start to tell a joke, it "fractures" me. (source)


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  1. I'm tempted... to watch you do it! They're adorable.

    Welcome back. Hope you had fun offline.