Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Slight Detour (of fun!)

(view C, the large photo, is the one I'm going to use)
My aunt has requested/ordered a costume for Saranac Lake's Winter Carnival. The theme this year is 'Medieval'. I had some patterns on hand, out of which she liked a classic ren-faire wench style one :-) 

Fabrics for: Blouse, Vest, Overskirt, Skirt
 Thanks to my roommate/sewing buddy for helping me pick them out! Otherwise, I'd have been kicked out of the store at closing time... too many options or not enough, hard to say.

A 'Robin Hood' style hat was also requested for my uncle.

Actually quite excited about this one...for some reason. Okay, it's probably because it's costuming, and I picked shiny and textured fabrics. I like shiny.

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