Monday, January 17, 2011

Trip to Jo-Ann's: Epic Failure?

Green Stripe Fabric- drool!
So, pilgrimage to Jo-Ann Fabrics was a failure. More velvet was not acquired. They had every other colour in stock except the burgundy. :-( Alice Coat must be set aside for the time being.

However, some apron fabric was obtained, as well as unnecessary-but-gorgeous upholstery-weight green stripe fabric (50% off red tag WOO) that does all kinds of things to the imagination.

Rigaud, Little Dorrit (2008)

Tim Burton/Victorian/Steampunky imagery has already begun to stew in my brain. I'm feeling some sort of waistcoat... a le Rigaud in Little Dorrit...?

Back to working on the Tinkerer's Frock close, yet so bloody far from being done!

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