Monday, May 30, 2011


I'm saying May is basically over. My last weekend for this month (and since I oft fail at accomplishing anything after work, primary crafting time) was spent headed back North and then over to Vermont for my cousin's wedding, which was very beautiful and a good time despite the sporadic torrential downpours.

Thought I would get a jump on organizing priorities for June, which the bulk of my crafting prowess will be devoted to the Steampunk Croquet party (date now set for second weekend in July, which happens to contain both Nikola Tesla's and my birthdays).
  • alter skirts (for paying customer... sigh, guess I have to get it done) 
  • scrub top (another must-do, since the lady is paying me...)
  • father's day gift
    • make stencil image
    • acquire t-shirt
    • stencil/paint 
Slight Sidetrack from Sewing: So excited that I got to make some potato and leek soup today (since I managed to hunt some out in the woods when I was home -most had already died off)! Delicious. And it will be even better in a few days when the potatoes absorb the flavour. Sadly, I will yet again miss the raspberries, and the ever-elusive lawn strawberries.
Elusive Lawn Strawberry Blossom

Proto-Potato & Leek Soup
Home Sweet Middle of Nowhere
I knew I missed it. I just didn't know how much


    1. Very nice to-do list. I think maybe I need one of those. It must keep you organized. ^_^

    2. When I caught my list up next month before the month was out, I was utterly lost. I had many projects, but didn't know how to approach them. Pathetic crutch, this is, but boy-oh-boy does it help me focus!

    3. *...caught my list up LAST month...