Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This will probably be added to frequently and abundantly as I realize everything I must accomplish for Steampunk Croquet & Tea...

  • My Oufit
    • Skirt Draft, Mock-up, Alterations
    • Draft basque OR alter basque pattern(already drafted and altered for previous steampunk costume)
    •  fabric (acquired supercheap silkessence from JoAnn's, going to be good and use this instead of buying expensive silk)
    • Make bustle (caved-I want the hoop kind, lighter weight)
      • hoop wire
      • tin snips?
      • buckle
    • Make Skirt & Basque
    • Make cartridge belts (black poly?)
      • do I have black wide elastic?
    • Order 'cartridges'
    • Find squirtgun/toy gun to alter
    • Steampunk a gun
      • retrieve gold spraypaint
    • Topper (to match dress and basque, accented with raven feathers?)
      • wire?
      • do I need more buckram?
    • Steampunk Jack (my fake pet raven, who lost his eye when I took him out several Halloween's ago -he shall be getting a prosthesis)
      • retrieve sculpey/fimo from home
      • large googly eye
    • acquire/make goggles (probably acquire, given time restraints)
    • cave and buy those delicious boots?
    • gloves, parasol, sunglasses?
  • Roommate's outfit
    • fabric
    • blouse (short-sleeve version of fav simplicity blouse pattern, from off-white sheet?)
    • waistcinch (figures now it would sell that I didn't think to take it out of my etsy shop, so I do have to make another one)
      • Do I need more brass clips? belt buckles?
    • knee-length bloomers in cool brown 'lone-star' print cotton
    • gunbelts in brown twill
    • acquire & steampunk guns
    • borrow my saloon boots
    • use my old goggles
    • Hat for friend's bf (in camel suedecloth)
    • prize captain's hat (we shall be playing for the captaincy of an airship)
      •  pirate/tricorn hat 
      • feathers
      • goggles
    • find/alter glassware
      • thrift store? 
      • dollar store
    • alter croquet set
      •  wickets
      • wire for wickets (coat hangers)
      • paint/alter mallets, stakes, balls
    • Comestibles/Beverages
      • shrimp puffs
      • mini (?) tourtiere
      • chocolate pie & whipped cream
      • cucumber sandwiches
      • Paumanok Iced Chai? 
      • 'absinthe' (the not 'real' US legal variety, if I can find it)
    Making this list has just stressed me out/overwhelmed a bit... But now I know what needs to be done so my focus might function a bit better. (Note to self, stop rereading the Soulless series of books. Just because Gail Carriger's fourth one comes out in the end of June, doesn't mean I should be sitting on my bottom delighting in her fun steampunk romps instead of practicing my craft and accomplishing something tangible in my limited free time... stupid real job...rather be sewing for myself... grumble grumble.)

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