Saturday, May 7, 2011


I've never had a sinus infection in my jaw before, but reading info on several health websites, state an upper jaw ache as one of the main symptoms of a maxillary sinus infection. I knew it wasn't a toothache, because I just had my dentist check-up a month or so ago and had X-rays and everything and was perfectly fine (no watch spots, even).

Why discuss this on a crafting blog?

Basically, it meant that I got NO sewing done all week long. :-( Which in of itself made me more miserable than the rather severe, persistent ache in my jaw. Seem to be moderately better now (knock on wood).

I did get the mending done I had been putting off forever by pure force of will last night. Accomplishing something made me feel ten times better even though I can still feel the pressure building in my sinus cavities. And apparently happiness begets happiness, because I got a couple more projects done this morning (which will be elaborated upon in subsequent posts).

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  1. Oh no! Everyone is sick this week. I hope you feel way better, hon!