Sunday, May 1, 2011


Sigh... some rollovers... Some new stuff. Maybe I'll get my act together this month. Also, I need to start on the Steampunk Croquet preparations soon.
  • Wedding Gift (already started)
  • 50s Outfit
    • Red 'silk' purse
    • Black jersey wrap cardigan (with tutorial if I'm good about keep tracking whilst drafting)
  • big basket of various mending for a friend of my father (about halfway done)
  • Yet another Baby Gift
  • Victorian Bustle petticoat? (aquired patterns)
  • Design Steampunk Costume  for roommate to wear for party


  1. Have you seen the craftovision bustle tutorial? I really love it. I mean, I prefer the bustle I got from LoriAnn37 on yahoo, but I want to make the kind Corine made, too.

    I love steampunk- we have a monthly event here called Dorian's Parlour and it's epic.

  2. I'll have to check it out. (LOVE STEAMPUNK)I've done a bunch of bustle skirts... I'm just not sure whether the skirts (from period Victorian pattern) require the petticoat. I think I'm going with the Riding Habit pattern, so they're not so large/elaborate a bustle.