Saturday, May 14, 2011

Steampunk Outfits (for Croquet party): Concept Sketches

To Make: waistcinch, bloomers, blouse(?), gunbelts(?), (ray)guns

To Make: (Hooded?) Bolero, My Easy Bustle Skirt, Underbust  (With slots for 'throwing knives'?)

To Make: Topper, Goggles, Belts, Jacket and skirt (adapt Riding Habit pattern), gun and catridges 
Already Made: Chemise (may skip if too hot), Corset

Guess it's silly to keep using the fashion figure base for designing costumes for me and my friends, who are all on the short and shapely side, since they won't look the same on us as here, but damn me, I guess I've somehow conformed. Or am lazy, and have this base figure always on hand in my notebook I carry with me. I'm opting for the latter. Mostly pieces I've made before and can theoretically not have to think too much about, which is good because seeing how my free time just evaporates, there may be a time limit involved. (Still waiting on friends to set an actual date besides 'maybe July-ish, around my birthday' for when they are free to visit and play STEAMPUNK CROQUET!!)


  1. Those look awesome!!

    I wish you came to Dorian's Parlour- I would love to meet you. My next steampunk outfit is for that- I'm posting it in a few weeks on my theme wednesday.

  2. Ooh! I'm definitely keeping an eye out for that post!

    (Yeah, I don't think there are steampunk events in this area... Good thing I have a few friends that are game to dress up, or I'm just a whiner... Definitely doesn't happen enough, though. We had a steampunk tea for my birthday two years ago. This croquet should be a bit more elaborate if I get my stuff together to alter a croquet set and etc.)

  3. OMG I love croquet. I mean, I'm sure I don't play it right, but it's still fun to try . ^_~

    Dorian's is so fun. This weekend while I'm at the Punk Rock Flea Market all my friends will be running the Steampunk World's Fair, which I'm sorry to be missing but I just couldn't afford it.

    If you have a minute to answer a question about screenprinting/heat setting a decal please email me = apixiewithatail at yahoo dot com. I saw your comment on my blog and wanted to ask your professional opinion.