Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 TO DO:

We're going to try something new this year... A project a week! (Likely loosely defined... such as a piece to an ensemble outfit or the like).

Also, likely will be no commissions this year (except if friends want me to make them something), since they are really not worth it when I have so little free time and nobody seems to want to pay a skilled labour wage to a seamstress.

  • Halloween Costume Options: Apparently, I now go epic for Halloween, my favourite holiday. And for some of these, I'll need to start early. This year's ideas are as follows (in ascending level of difficulty)
    •     Lily Munster: For some reason, love, love, love her look! It's60s retro-fitted 'gothic/medieval' look. Apparently in soft pink. I think I would approach this by making a fitted underdress out of white muslin and the overdress and sleeves out of a pale pink chiffon. We already have a long 'witch' wig that is black with white streaks and would probably serve for this. Simple and definitely 'Halloween'. I might make this to wear to work on the day of Halloween. The only issue is that the original make-up for the Munsters was a pale green, and make-up and work might not mix well... especially since I handle a lot of new, white labcoats.
    •     Rogue (a la 80s X-men comics and 90s cartoon): I've wanted to be her for a while, but she seems overdone lately. Also, I'd have to be pretty damn fit for this, more fit than I've ever been (or probably ever can be).
    •     Evil Queen from Mirror Mirror (adaptation): My friend is making the Snow White gown by altering Simplicity 1728. Since she's Snow White, I could coordinate and be the Queen. I would obviously be doing just a basic full/bell skirt rather than the ridiculously epic ones in the film. I greatly enjoy the peacock feather embroidered bodice of the red dress.
    • Arachnia, Queen of the Spider People a la Captain Proton: Star Trek Voyager's 30s sci-fi parody. Been wanting to make this reproduction for a number of years. The beadwork is intense however, and I'd really need to start now. Also, finding clear shots of the detailing is difficult. Particularly the shoes...
    • Demona (Disney's Gargoyles): How awesomely epic would that be? Issues with this is the body paint vs. body suit. Body suit would be easier, but matching the face paint would not work out well, I feel. One could go with body suit and mask, but masks are quite inconvenient for a night of drinking and eating candy. Also, would have to be insanely fit for this one. :-/
  • STEAMPUNK: Projects (hopefully) created entirely from my fabric stash...
    • Tinker Sue series
      • smock
      • striped underdress
      • one piece petticoat/jumper/romper
      • coveralls
    • Red Redingote
      • redingote
      • britches?
    • Knit dresses
      • with crochet lace trim?
    • Birthday Party whatnot? (It seems the tradition has become for me to through a steampunk soiree, and I'm really lucky I have friends willing to dress up and more than humour me, but get into it themselves.)
      • Sasquatch/yeti stuffie?
  • Mystery Project: I obviously cannot share about this before it's completed. ;-)
  • REPAIRS!! (must tackle that pile of clothes; fix or cut up for reuse)
    • Replace buttons on shirt for customer (last commission and I'm done! for awhile, just sewing what I want when I want!
  •  CROCHET! I intend to continue trying to learn this craft, in the vain hope I may someday be able to create lace for my steampunk/neo-victorian crafting.
  • Finish various incomplete projects (I'm not sure how many there are or where they're hiding, but I know they're out there).
    • Rockabilly Dress: This one I know exists in it's incomplete state.
  • Other Project Ideas floating around...
    • Plaid shirts
    • 1940s inspired overalls/trousers (lined with flannel for winter awesomeness)
    • 1960s Dresses
    • smock dresses
    • Burda 7198 shirts
    • cutting down too large t-shirts

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  1. I've loved the Munsters and Madame for a long time now.