Wednesday, January 2, 2013


  • Finish up Xmas presents (my room mate and I do Christmas in January and her gifts got set to the back burner with all of the more immediate holiday baking)
  • replace buttons on shirt (and finally be done with commissioned seamstress work for awhile) 
  • repairs/alterations (to my wardrobe)
  • 1940s Inspired Overalls (if there's enough of that olive green twill... if not, just trousers) because I'm once again out of jeans without holes/patches. Lined with flannel, I think...
  • begin Mystery Project
    • supplies
    • preliminary work
  • Red Redingote Ensemble
    • redingote
    • britches?
  • Continue to try to make the threadbanger crochet hat pattern work with my dollar store yarn...

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