Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas (or any time) Dress: Burda 7179

I used Christmas as an excuse to make myself this dress with super cute fabric I got from Jo-Ann Fabrics (over Thanksgiving vacation, which I then proceeded to realized when I walked out of the store that I wasn't supposed to buy any more fabric for me... until I use up stuff in my stash! oops!). A couple of people said the fabric reminded them of the Queen of Hearts, and I'd have to agree.

It's my first Burda pattern usage, a retro style shirt dress,7179. I found the instructions took a little getting used to, and in some ways would have preferred none at all (since I already know how to put garments together from scratch).


  1. Hi. Your dress looks great on you. I am working on a version of the same dress, only short sleeves right now. Nice to see a finnished version, just to have a example of the finnished product. You did a great job.

    I think the instructions do well to begin with. It is nice with the seams marked, but when you get to the part when you are working with the lapel area, I think it is very confusing. Right now I just need a brake and I will get back to my project tomorow. Hope mine turns out as well as yours did :-)

  2. Great job! that fabric is awesome!

    If you don't mind, I had a question for you. I just bought this same pattern and was in the process of pulling together the buckle and buttons. What size buttons worked for you? And as you know, the envelope just mentioned 2" for the buckle, but I wasn't sure if they meant 2" buckle or 2" belt. What worked for you?

    I am also having a bit of a uphill battle with the directions and totally agree. I'm glad I've been sewing for forever, or I would have never gotten through them!

    Thanks so much for your help!!

    1. I think I just had that buckle lying around, and I can't remember if I had to fudge the width of the belt or not to accommodate it. If you buy a new buckle, such as Dritz brand, they say right on the package the width (bottom left or right? corner). This should be the width that the pattern calls for (at least for most patterns, and since Simplicity is sort of responsible for Burda -in the US, at least, I'd guess this remains true). As to whether they're measuring the whole buckle, or just the shank in the middle (which would equal the width of your finished belt), I'm not really sure.

      Sorry I could not be more helpful. Good luck!