Wednesday, January 23, 2013

(Sort of) 1940s Style Overalls

In my continuous search for the perfect fabric to recreate Sharpe's rifleman's jacket, I wind up ordering a lot of random fabric in variations of green. This was obviously a fail (I think what I need is a heavy weight wool in hunter/very dark green). Anyway, several yards of 60" wide grey-green twill and dying jeans (with no will to buy another pair for some reason) = a pair of 40s Style Overalls.

1940s advert for overalls
I copped out and decided not to do a straight reproduction. The key thing about 1940s women's work overalls is that unlike modern bib-style overalls, they are fitted. Pants that taper in at the waist, a midriff piece, and a fitted bodice. Pants fromt 40s retro pattern Simplicity 3688 and bodice from McCall's 6331 (chosen in part because it has cup size variations, so I didn't have to think about the fit :-p).

I want this pattern!

Somewhat, but not really related, I want this pattern: The modern companies rarely put blouses in their retro repro patterns, which is silly because they are part of any ensemble.What good is a suit jacket and pants without the blouse?


  1. I don't think I've ever seen a pair of overalls that actually manage to look feminine, well done! They are really cute and the fit of the pant is great.

  2. I had some trouble with the bib of my 40's overalls too. Eventually I ended up getting it to work ok, but it has not stood up to repeated washings very well. Am seriously considering taking the bib off and just having the trousers.
    I am so excited Simplicity has reissued this blouse! I actually have this one as a saved ebay search. Yay! Now to wait for a pattern sale...

  3. If only I'd seen this sooner.. I just came back form Bristol where (in the st Market) there was a stall with thousands of patterns...
    How do I identify that one? 1962 seems to be the year of issue?

  4. 1. the sharpe jacket will be amazing and look amazing on you.

    2. I need these. I need these overalls so bad.

  5. Whoa! The styles on your blog are so alluring! Attractive and unusual in the best of ways.

    I've embarked recently on a quest for vintage clothing and the design of these overalls are perfect. They really re-create a Forties vibe.

  6. Yes, well done! This style really shows your figure!