Sunday, January 27, 2013

Red Redingote: Bzou Hunter

 Adaptation of 18th style women's half-redingote. 

DESTASH! Skirt in flock, bodice in red velour (to imitate velvet), cuffs and lining in silver and black plaid taffeta (black lining in bodice). 

PURCHASED buttons, black bias tape.

 Also wearing my steampunk 'utility' belt, black leggings, Victorian boots (I thought I had some pirate-y ones to go better with the inspirational time period, but no go.)

Crossbow: Cheap bamboo 'toy' from Black Bear Haversack, design added with my new woodburner :-) Handle wrapped in faux leather. WARNING: much more powerful than a 'toy' should be. Whilst playing with this upon first receiving it in the mail, I accidentally put a hole in my roommates nice poster. (Rubber tipped bolts = fail.)


  1. LOVE this. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. SO MUCH. Did you use a pattern or a tutorial or is this entirely from scratch? UGH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

    I also love that little cross bow. That is super cute.

    Do you have any good tips for building a steampunk utility belt?

    1. Sorry. Dropped the ball. This is made from a smattering of patterns (and alteration of patterns) but primarily based on McCalls 6442.

      My 'utility' belt was just this black suedecloth belt I had made to go with a pirate costume. I only had about six grommets on hand at the time, so that was how many spacers/holes it got. The buckle was from some random place (maybe on sale at Jo-Ann's). I have since entirely grommeted the rest of the belt (I got a grommet setter a few years ago and it's pretty awesome when making copious amounts of steampunk clothing or corsets). I made a holster for my 'aetheray gun' that had a brass suspender/mitten clip (so I can put it on my bandoliers or belt). The grommets ended up working out nicely, because I was able to thread a brass compass on a watch chain through the holes. I also attach a small gathered reticule when I need to hold other things (like my camera). I guess the grommets are the way to go because it's easy to attach or tie objects onto the belt.

  2. Looks great! I'm not such a big fan of the flowers with the check, but otherwise just lovely! Did you add the hood? It makes the redingote much more steampunk!

    1. 18th century redingotes appear to have this large, layered collar thing going on (judging from googling fashion plates and period pieces). I of course prefer a hood (don't know why, but I even went through a phase of putting them on my dresses... I don't regret it). Have to agree that hoods are very steampunk!