Tuesday, September 16, 2014

DRESS-OF-THE-DAY 13: Fun Under The Sun God

In celebration of NATIONAL SEWING MONTH (here in the United States), I've decided to do an intensive blog series (well, intensive for me who obviously does not always make the time to blog), featuring a dress (or two, or a style) each day, not previously presented on this blog. Some will be my own creations, whether I used patterns or designed them myself. Others will be pieces I admire. Either will include an analysis and maybe some sources, history and tips. (At least, that's the goal.) I also have some guest bloggers scheduled (exciting!)

And now on to the Dress of the Day!


Fabric Available Here
I originally designed this fabric to enter a ModCloth contest, but naturally none of my designs were chosen. I am actually quite okay with this, since I have very mixed feelings about mass-produced items... ie I would never be a designer. Designers mainly conceptualize and rarely execute, just hand off ideas for other people to exercise the actual artisan skills, and then further down the line, mass production.

Anyway... I ended up rather liking the scarab beetle design (Egyptian art was one of my earliest aesthetic obsessions) and uploaded it to Spoonflower, ordering some myself to make a dress.  What is fun about this business/site isn't only that there are tens of thousands of unique designs (created by independent artists) available and that you can upload your own designs to be printed, but that they offer an ever changing variety of fabrics. I opted to try the cotton poplin for a nice, comfy summer dress.

I used Simplicity 2591, one of my favourite patterns, that is no longer in print, and apparently many people have found to be tricky/challenging. It isn't the most flattering style (being gathered and slightly loose in the stomach/waist) but is super comfortable, especially when made in lightweight cotton.

I accessorized this with my Pith Helmet, and a teal satin sash and bow. I wish I wore hats more... they are such fun. It's too bad that hats have gone from a standard/considered necessary daily clothing item (for many centuries going outside without your head covered was considered scandalous) to a rarity (how many hats, besides baseball caps, does one see in a day? More in the winter, for obvious reasons, but it used to be year-round staple). Anyway, I digress...

  • Neckline and sleeve variations
  • Awesome pockets that are part of the dress' structure
  • Option front tab with button accent
  • Knee-Length
  • Fairly fitted bodice
  • Skirt front and back gathered to waist, for a looser/more comfortable fit
And now that you've successfully navigated this blog entry, here's a reminder about the Steampunk Apron/Bustle Mini-Sweepstakes (details here).

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