Thursday, September 4, 2014

DRESS-OF-THE-DAY 4: Party Dress (McCalls 6833)

In celebration of NATIONAL SEWING MONTH (here in the United States), I've decided to do an intensive blog series (well, intensive for me who obviously does not always make the time to blog), featuring a dress (or two, or a style) each day, not previously presented on this blog. Some will be my own creations, whether I used patterns or designed them myself. Others will be pieces I admire. Either will include an analysis and maybe some sources, history and tips. (At least, that's the goal.) I also have some guest bloggers scheduled (exciting!)

And now on to the Dress of the Day!


The original idea was to wear this out for my friend's Bachelorette night back in April. But alas, it was COLD, and we opted to walk. Thankfully, my room mate played 'mom' and forbade us from wearing dresses, and scolded us into wearing jeans (which was definitely a good plan). I did wear it to the Wedding 'After Party', shedding my homemade tuxedo.

Believe it or not, I don't have that many 'party' dresses. Maybe one (if you squint). And none of them were on the 'taffeta' level of party dress. So after continuously eying this pink with black flock polka dot fabric in the red tag section, I finally purchased some a while ago when it was 50% off the red tag price, with the thought of making a party dress. The Bachelorette provided the excuse (even if it didn't work out) to make the dress.

YAY! I remembered to put pockets in it! (Okay. I admit only because the pattern included pockets for the other views, but I put them in this view as well, since pockets are always useful, and are they really going to mess up the line of the poofy skirt? I'll give you a hint... no.)

And for the back, I happened to have a chunky nickel (on black tape) jacket zipper the EXACT length I needed, with just enough fabric extra to put in the hem. WIN!


McCalls 6833

  • Bodice front is comprised of upper portion and midriff pieces, which allows for a snug fit over ribs, waist and bust. The back of the bodice is fitted with darts, tapering the garment to a very fitted waist.
  • Skirt is full with pleats in front and back
  • optional pockets (not included in the directions for this variation/view, but I put them in anyway)
  • View C has a skirt lining with ruffle along the lower edge to give the skirt its cute volume.
  • Optional trim. I used black lace, and I love the 'couture' detail it gives the dress.

And now that you've successfully navigated this blog entry, here's a reminder about the Steampunk Apron/Bustle Mini-Sweepstakes (details here).


  1. I'm mentioning September 2014 in my diary as the time my dream came true -- daily posts from my favorite blogger!

    And this dress!! Holy cow, that's me in a nutshell. I need to find a machine to shrink myself forty percent so I can fit into yours. :-)

    1. Sorry for continuing with another post, but I'm so excited I can't contain myself. I *love* your facial expressions! They're funny and serious at the same time. They convey heaps of emotion and deep intelligence. You make an excellent model.

  2. The dress is pretty and cool, the exposed zip really adds a bit of punk to it! And it suits you really well, I would have never thought that bright pink could look so good!