Friday, September 19, 2014

DRESS-OF-THE-DAY 16: Meghan's Unique Lagen Style Dress(es)

In celebration of NATIONAL SEWING MONTH (here in the United States), I've decided to do an intensive blog series (well, intensive for me who obviously does not always make the time to blog), featuring a dress (or two, or a style) each day, not previously presented on this blog. Some will be my own creations, whether I used patterns or designed them myself. Others will be pieces I admire. Either will include an analysis and maybe some sources, history and tips. (At least, that's the goal.) I also have some guest bloggers scheduled (exciting!)

And now on to the Dress of the Day!

Meghan, of Cirque du Frock, is a very inspiring, strong, kind and creative individual with an ever-evolving style. She was my first blogging friend, and her posts always engaged me, because they were filled with not just her creative pieces, but her unique personality and soul. I'm always impressed by her vision and ability to take discarded items she thrifts and turn them into fun items of clothing that border on artwork. She can see past what already exists before our eyes to what an item could be. That's a unique gift.

And thus, I'm so grateful and excited to share with you the article she wrote up for my National Sewing Month series!


Meghan in a cute OOTD Selfie

Hi! I'm Meghan and I blog over at Aimee asked me if I would pop over and do a guest post for her Dress-A-Day month in honor of National Sewing Month. Sewing is my passion and I wear dresses almost every day, so I jumped at the chance to write for her.

Lately I've become enchanted at the explosion of lagenlook and shabby chic clothing on Pinterest. Shabby chic reminds me of my childhood when my mother would drag me in and out of craft stores, and the only things I remember liking were usually in that French shabby style. My problem with loving these clothes is I don't love the 200$ (and up!) price tags that come with them. As a seamstress, and someone who loves thrift store shopping, those kinds of prices for dresses that look like floral tents make me cringe.

The Lagen Look

Taking inspiration from those styles, and trying to stay true to my punk-rock soul, I've started recycling tee shirts and vintage bed sheets into grungy baby-doll style dresses that look great with cowboy boots. I have a blast making them and they make me feel so pretty! Not to mention I have a large collection of tee shirts I was unwilling to part with just so I could look like a Magnolia Pearl model.

I do sell these tee shirt dresses, but mostly because I have so much fun making them. For me, the root of this style seems to be to feel both beautiful and comfortable, and I enjoy that creating this style allows me to continue to refashion clothes like I always have. I've been upcycling clothes since I was a teenager and I hold that past time close to my heart. With so much unwanted clothing in the world, and so many tricky stains on secondhand stuff, I like that this allows me to save things I wouldn't want to part with because of nostalgia.

Dresses, whether you make them or not, can become a part of your story. They represent a memory or a time or a date or a day or an occasion. That's what my dresses, as funny as they might look to some, mean so much to me. Because they all become a part of my story.

You can find Meghan in the following interweb places (And yes, I apparently internet-stalk her a little.):

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